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frequently asked questions

Go through the FAQ list for your questions. Also, let us know via the contact form if you can’t find what you need.

What is Bitcrore?

How can I benefit from Bitcrore?


Where can I spend my BC coin?

Is Bitcrore owned by anyone?

Bitcrore is an open and decentralized blockchain, controlled by collective proof of stake (POS) consensuship. By implication, the Bitcrore network direction is determined consensual, by the whole network. The core team and advisory board, birthed, planned, developed, and still maintains the codebase and community activity. However, the control of the network is owned collectively by the Bitcrore open community.

How much is Bitcrore coin (BC) worth?

What is a Bitcrore Wallet?

Can I lose my BC coin?

What is BCNODES (M.N)?

Where do I go if I need help?