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2017 is where it all started. And over the last 3 years, Bitcrore has evolved from a simple idea to serve the world a crypto-solutions that plays a part in our basic transactional life, into what it is now.

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Q1. Project Planning

Q2. ICO Web launch & first whitepaper release

Q3. Infrastructural planning, team and community development, across east asia

Q4. Constant probing, testing, conjecture and refutation

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Q1 Token development & Alpha testing

Q2 ICO Web launch & first whitepaper release

Q3 Private sales & Promotional Campaigns

Q4 ICO bounty Campaign 1.0

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Q1 Infrastructural development & Alpha testing

Q2 End of ICO sales & marketing campaigns

Q3 Dash soft-fork POW blockchain upgrade 1.0 - Mainnet

Q4 Desktop Wallet - Mainnet

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Q1 ICO bounty Campaign & other promotional Campaign 2.0

Q2 Infrastructural development & Alpha testing

Q3 Deployed PIVX POS Blockchain iteration, Hybrid Block explorer, Win,Mac,Linux & Android Wallet & BCNODES (M.N) API powered interface - Mainnet

Q4 Public exchange listing

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Q1 Point Of Sales development, alpha & Beta testing

Q2 Marketplace development, alpha & Beta testing. deployment of point of sales system- Mainnet

Q3 Deployment of Marketplace software network - testnet

Q4 Debitcard development

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Q1 Deployment of Marketplace software network - Mainnet

Q2 Constant probing, testing, conjecture, refutation and open for continuous improvement.